My wife and I got married in 2014 and for some time, there was no sign of the fruit of the womb. As a couple, we became worried. In a bid to find solution to this challenge, we decided to seek for medical intervention but all to no avail. This continued until we met The Bishop of the whole world, Saint Dikeji Daniel MiyeriJesu. After his prayers for us, we discovered that the problem was the result of a family curse. Having known the root, we went back to The Bishop of the whole world who gave us fasting and prayer programme. After undergoing this, he broke the curse and declared us fruitful. Few days after the yoke of barrenness had been broken, there was a dream in which my wife became pregnant and successfully gave birth to a baby. And in no distant time, this dream came to reality. My wife indeed became pregnant. Some months before delivery, medical tests showed that the baby would be born premature. But after the prayers of The Bishop of the whole world, the pregnancy fully developed till the ninth month. Labour pain was critical. Considering the danger involved in waiting for natural course of delivery, doctors recommended operation. On hearing this, we quickly reached The Bishop of the whole world for prayers. And to the glory of God, the operation was cancelled and naturally, our first baby was born safe and sound. God Almighty, through the prayers of The Bishop of the whole world, broke the yoke of barrenness from our lives. Today, we are happy parents. Hallelujah!