By the grace of God, I am the Founder of Christ Power Ministry based in Benin City. At a time, I had a large congregation but after some time, I began to face drastic fall in membership. I will not be ashamed to confess. The reason for the fall of my church was the biased mind I had towards The Bishop of the whole world. I kicked against his claim as the Bishop of the whole world. I have a sister who is a member of God’s Grace Ministry Inc. residing in Warri. Oftentimes, she would call me and say that it was revealed to her that until I meet Saint Dikeji Daniel MiyeriJesu, (the man I hated) for prayers, my ministry would never see growth again. She kept persuading me to obey the order but I remained adamant because of my hatred for the Bishop, especially for saying he is the Bishop of the whole world. So when Jesus’ Holiness went to Benin City for a 4-day miracle crusade, my sister called me again, imploring me to be in the crusade to see The Bishop. Still, I refused. To ensure my compliance, she and her husband put up in my house. While with me, they began talking to me and just before they left to the arena, they gave me the blessed peppermint from The Bishop of the whole world. Though I knew I hated Him, I consumed the peppermint he prayed on. After taking the mint, I saw what totally erased my doubt about the authenticity of his call as The Bishop of the whole world. What was it? Read on. I have been suffering from a poison which caused me severe stomach ache for over 35 years. Being a pastor, I engaged the power of prayers but it was to no avail. And as a Physician, I put in all medical experiences, yet no solution. But the moment I took the peppermint The Bishop of the whole world prayed on, the stomach ache that would not let me rest with its strange noise, suddenly stopped. Then I said to myself, “This is the peppermint blessed by the man I am against that has healed me now”. It became done on me that I have been against an innocent man all this time. “Truly he is Jesus, The Bishop of the whole world”, I confessed. On 30th October 2013, I had a revelation in which The Bishop of the whole world clothed my nudeness further confirming the genuineness of his call. Already convinced, my sister called again in the morning that I must be in the Sapele crusade that very day. With the foregoing, I therefore made up my mind to go so I could confess my sin to the man of God and to also share the testimony of my deliverance from over 35 years stomach poison after taking the blessed peppermint from The Bishop. Today, I am fully convinced that Saint MiyeriJesu is indeed The Bishop of the whole world. The testimony of Pastor God’s Power Ewuba is indeed an eye-opener. Only God convinced him and he had no choice but to believe the call of Saint Dikeji Daniel MiyeriJesu as The Bishop of the whole world. He really went to Sapele where he met Jesus’ Holiness and opening confessed and shared his experience before all eyes. And he was forgiven and blessed by The Bishop. Do you still doubt till now? Stop envy and jealousy and embrace the one that God has chosen and you will be happy when you do; it will be well with you.