She can be said to be an epitome of someone who was held in captivity by the deceitful man known as Satan. But for the fact that one cannot have a divine encounter and still remain under demonic oppression, she gained her total freedom after meeting The Bishop of the whole world, Saint Daniel Dikeji MiyeriJesu. She tells her story: I was born and raised in Cherubin and Seraphin Church. I am 29 and since my birth, out of my ignorance and deceitfulness of the devil, I have been living in total cage. However, I received total emancipation from satanic captivity on 30th September, 2013 after an encounter with the Demon Destroyer, The Bishop of the whole world. What was the issue? You may ask; yes I will tell you. For complete 29 years, my hair was not cut. Neither scissors nor hair-clipper touched my hair to cut. To you, this may not sound a big deal, but I the victim knew what I suffered carrying the load of unkempt hair 29 years. Aside the discomfort due to the itching it caused me, I was ashamed to mingle with people because it made me appeared as a lunatic. All my attempts to get the hair cut proved abortive. The prophets of my church and other churches made series of promises to cut the hair but not one of them did with the excuse that God had not reveal to them when my hair would be cut. It was really a problem to me as I could not live like a normal human being. I left Lagos to Warri and by divine arrangement, on 30th September, 2013 I met The Bishop of the whole world. Having told him my ordeal, he happily welcomed me and without delay, he removed the load I have been carrying for 29 years from me and restored my lost freedom. After The Bishop of the whole world had cut the hair, I felt the kind of peace I have never experienced since birth. In addition to this testimony, my father and brother who were attacked with the spirit of urinating on self got their healing after giving them the peppermint blessed by The Bishop of the whole world. Today, I’m so happy; my joy has been made complete by God through Jesus’ Holiness, Saint Daniel Dikeji MiyeriJesu, The Bishop of the whole world. Glory to God!!!